02/01/2013 07:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Balloon Car Chase: Jorge Sanchez Leads Police On Slow Pursuit, Inhales Gas From Balloons (VIDEO)

LOS ANGELES -- A young man is in custody Friday after leading police on a low-speed chase through Panorama City, Calif. The chase was televised on KCAL9 and came to a bizarre end when the suspect pulled over and started inhaling gas from more than a dozen brightly colored balloons.

Jorge Sanchez, 22, first came to the attention of authorities because of his erratic driving behavior, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Police pursued him as he drove back to his own neighborhood, but Sanchez eventually pulled over. As armed police officers surrounded him in his car, he began inhaling gas from red and blue balloons -- about 15 in total, notes the Times. Police broke his spell by shooting bean bags through the windows and pulling Sanchez out of his car.

Juan Sanchez, the suspect's father, confirmed to KCAL9 that his son was addicted nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas.

"When the officers initially approached him, he appeared to be gravely intoxicated, said Los Angeles Lt. Mitzi Fierro in the video above. "He was rocking back and forth in his vehicle and he continued to inhale the gas in the balloon."

Jorge Sanchez was taken to a hospital in an ambulance.




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