02/01/2013 12:50 pm ET Updated Jun 06, 2013

The Best Canned Tomato Soup: Our Taste Test Results

Here at HuffPost Taste, we love tomato soup. There is absolutely nothing in the world that's better at cozying up to grilled cheese, and we're fans of making it in big, hearty batches on our stovetops at home.

But no one's perfect. The flu hits. You've had a rough week at work. You're starving and need to make dinner in five minutes. None of those situations permit a leisurely hour of simmering and blending, so you've got to do it. When things get dire, you've got to go to the pantry (which as food lovers we equate with "going to the mattresses"). Lucky for you, some canned (or boxed, now that we're in 2013) tomato soups are actually pretty delicious. Our job was to find them and tell you all about it.

We blind-tasted 10 popular brands and flavors of tomato soup, judging on flavor and texture. We were betting on the traditional Campbell's version as an easy winner, but alas ... find out which brands are the tops in the slideshow below.

As always, this taste test was in no way influenced or sponsored by the brands included.

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Canned Tomato Soup Taste Test, 2013