02/01/2013 04:51 pm ET

HarBowl: With Brothers John, Jim In Super Bowl, Who Are Harbaugh Parents Rooting For?

Jack and Jackie Harbaugh, the parents of the head coaches in Super Bowl XLVII, have made two things clear ahead of the game: They will not reveal where they will be in the Superdome during the game and they are absolutely, positively staying neutral in their rooting interests.

Not only would Jack not tell "CBS This Morning" where he and his wife would be sitting (or nervously pacing) during the game, but he'd previously said his wife was ready to "ready to come right through this phone" when someone asked which son they prefer during a media conference call. Luckily for everyone on all sides of the call, that question actually came from John Harbaugh, the eldest brother and coach of the Ravens.

"We are neutral in the Super Bowl, and we are just excited that they have brought their teams to the pinnacle of sports,'' Jackie said last Thursday, via the Associated Press.

But can they really be neutral once the game starts? The emotional swings of each scoring play -- good news for one son but bad for the other -- will be tremendous.

PTI host Tony Kornheiser thinks he knows who they're rooting for.

"The older one. John. Because Jim has been a star his whole life. Jim's been silver spoon his whole life," Kornheiser said on "Pardon The Interruption" last Tuesday. "John hasn't had that fancy life. He didn't get to be a head coach almost immediately. He had to work for the Philadelphia Eagles as a special teams coach. The only thing that would stop them from rooting for John, I think, if they just got sick of Ray Lewis."

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