02/01/2013 11:59 am ET Updated Feb 01, 2013

Time Warner Executive Vice President Co-Hosts Posh Party After Canceling Ovation?

Last night, Time Warner Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey Hirsch reportedly co-hosted a posh VIP party on a 150-foot yacht, according to the New York Post.

So what do arts fans think about all of this?

Bertha Lewis, President of The Black Institute, said in a statement:

“[While] Hirsch is [partying] with billionaires, celebrities and yes even celebrity artists at the Super Bowl, Time Warner cable customers cannot see some of these same artists because Time Warner Cable has canceled Ovation."

In January, Ovation released impressive growth figures, citing 35% gains from 2011 to 2012. However, this wasn't enough to save the nation's only network dedicated to the visual and performing arts from being axed.

On Wednesday, Time Warner Cable shares dropped 11.3 percent -- their lowest point in nearly four years, according to the New York Post.

To soothe your rage, we've provided you with some awe-inspiring dancers:

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