02/03/2013 05:13 pm ET

WATCH: The 9 Most Viral Ads That Have Aired During The Super Bowl

In addition to the hits and scores that will go viral after the Super Bowl on Sunday night, there will be, of course, the commercials. Some have already been posted online. Still others will premiere during the game and be shared widely on the Internet the following day.

Which new ads will set the Internet ablaze? And which will fizzle out? To get a sense, let's a look at the most viral ads of Super Bowls of yore. Visible Measures, a online analytics firm, says it's figured out which previous ad campaign received the most attention online since 2009, using a scoring system that track YouTube activity. Doritos, it turns out, understands how to push the Internet's buttons. But it's a mini Darth Vader that comes out on top.

Check out the gallery below of the top nine and relive your favorite corporate ad campaigns.

9 Most Viral Superbowl Ads Ever