02/02/2013 09:14 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2013

Super Bowl Gatorade Bath Prop Bet: What Color Will The Liquid Be?

At some point on Sunday night, the contents of a Gatorade jug will very likely be poured over Jim or John Harbaugh. Not surprisingly, the color of the Gatorade (or whatever liquid is in the jug) that douses the winning coach in Super Bowl XLVII is among of the many prop bets available.

According to the oddsmakers at Bovada, "clear" is likeliest color of the liquid to soak the victorious coach. Here is a look at the odds:

Clear/Water 7/4
Orange 5/2
Yellow 5/2
Green 13/2
Red 13/2
Blue 13/2

Taking an unscientific, damp stroll through coach soakings of the past, "clear/water" certainly seems a safe bet In these 14 photos, the majority of the Super Bowl-winning coaches below were drenched in a clear liquid. Just looking at these instances, the next likeliest color seemed to be orange (and most of them seem to enjoy it, unlike a certain someone).

Super Bowl Coaches Get Gatorade Baths