02/03/2013 02:46 pm ET Updated Feb 03, 2013

Harbaugh Brothers: Jim, John Took Different Paths To Super Bowl 47


Like a lot of brothers do growing up, John and Jim Harbaugh fought. They argued. They even divided their shared bedroom growing up in Ann Arbor, Mich. with a line of tape, according to a story that has been often told ahead of their fraternal face off in Super Bowl XLVII

With a shared passion for football, the competitive siblings followed in the footsteps of their father Jack, a successful coach in his own right. While Jim's collegiate and professional playing career took him on a more glamorous path to the Superdome, both brothers have never wavered in their devotion to the sport -- and to competing.

"We had a thing in our family that was really interesting. It started a long time ago, way, way back at Iowa. Attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind," Jack told "CBS This Morning" on Friday. "And if you got through that day, sometimes there were good times, there were bad times, but at the end of the day the next morning you wake up, attack this day with an enthusiasm and when you look back it’s a journey, a process day by day but a journey overall."

Jim, the younger brother and head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, already has a Coach Of The Year Award on his resume and an NFC Championship in just his second season as an NFL head coach. John, the older brother by 15 months, has at least 10 wins in four of his five seasons as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, a gig he worked toward by paying his NFL dues by handling all sorts of coaching duties with the Philadelphia Eagles and other college teams.

In Super Bowl XLVII, the Harbaugh brothers will go at it once again as the first pair of brothers ever to coach against each other in the Super Bowl. While the brothers have attempted to deflect attention to the players on the field, the sibling matchup has still dominated talk ahead of the game.



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