02/04/2013 09:26 am ET

Bolshoi Director Released From Hospital And Claims He Knows Attacker... Plus More Arts News (PHOTOS)

Sergei Filin, the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet, was released from the hospital today after being the recent victim of a vicious acid attack.

The 42-year-old director has been recovering since an unknown attacker splashed acid in his face in January while he was returning home to his Moscow apartment. In an interview with the BBC yesterday, Filin said he is ready to reveal his attacker: "I not only have a suspicion about who did this, but I'm absolutely certain I know who did this. But I will only speak about this when investigators are ready to announce this."

In the meantime, Filin's health is improving. He told Reuters: "I feel well, I'd even say great, if only my eyes could see a bit better." According to the Associated Press, the director told Rossiya 24 television his sole goal was recovering his eyesight: "I don't care about my face, my hair, my looks... All my inner self, all my energy is focused on recovering eyesight."

Sergei Filin


FAIC Helps Repair Artworks Damaged From Sandy: The FAIC is opening a Cultural Recovery Center in Brooklyn to help those whose artworks were damaged in Hurricane Sandy. The recovery center will volunteer assistance to museums, galleries and personal artists to help others clean and stabilize materials damaged in the superstorm. (FAIC)

Tweet At Tracey: Tracey Emin is giving you and your Valentine a chance to win a print from the YBA artist simply by tweeting your PDA. Every night this month between 11:57 and midnight the Times Square bilboards will display a series of neon digital works titled "I Promise To Love You." If you're at the right place at the right time, snap a pic of you and your love and tag it #MidnightMoment. You could win a digital limited edition of Tracey's work. (ARTINFO)

Gnome Sweet Gnome: An artist who wishes to remain anonymous has brought magic to Oakland by planting up to a hundred gnomes a day around the area. After almost a year of flying under the radar, the gnomes' livelihood is being threatened by PG&E. The utility company fears "that the gnomes could inspire additional people to place things on [the] property." Oakland art lovers are rallying on Twitter and Facebook to keep the gnome population alive. (LA Times)

Collector Will Donate Controversial Johns Testicle Triptych: Collector Donald Bryant Jr. was recently accused of backpedaling on a tripartite gift to MoMA. Jasper Johns' phallic paintings, entitled, “Tantric Detail I,” “Tantric Detail II” and “Tantric Detail III" -- depicting penis, testicles, and a skull -- were not mentioned in a new contractual agreement made by Bryant. Yet the collector denied any charged of reneging the gift. “I have always planned to give my half of the paintings to MoMA," he told the NY Times. "I have never said nor do I have any intention of reneging on my agreement with the artist to do so.” (NY Times)

Jasper Johns