02/04/2013 03:17 am ET Updated Feb 04, 2013

'Elementary' Post-Super Bowl Episode: Sherlock Works With FBI Profiler Who Predicted His Demise (VIDEO)

CBS gave the coveted post-Super Bowl spot to "Elementary," their top-rated freshmen series. Because of that, it's a foregone conclusion that "Elementary" will get its biggest audience yet for an episode that saw a piece from Sherlock Holmes' past follow him to New York City in the form of FBI profiler Kathryn Drummond.

One of the reasons he resented Drummond was because she was actually quite good at her job. Specifically, she wrote an article about him -- without specifying who he was -- and accurately predicted that he would fall into addiction. She also predicted a rather miserable and lonely end for him, which apparently haunted him to this day.

Watson thought Holmes put too much stock in Drummond's words. "You got clean. You picked up your career right where you left off. And you even made a friend, something that Kathryn claimed, in her article, was virtually impossible," she told him, adding "me" as clarification on who the "friend" was she was referring to.

It also came out that Drummond's profile on the serial killer who'd escaped in this episode, Ennis, wasn't completely accurate, either. She'd theorized sexual abuse in his past, but couldn't confirm it. So she simply made up sources for her book, and then paid a neighbor to corroborate.

Enraged by this, the killer's sister coordinated his escape by destroying her kidneys and setting up a transplant. She then lured Drummond into her room. Drummond confessed and apologized, but was attacked and nearly murdered anyway.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post misstated a few plot points. Ennis' sister destroyed her kidneys, not her liver, and Drummond was not killed at the end of the episode.



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