02/04/2013 04:57 pm ET

James Hahn Does 'Gangnam Style' Dance At Phoenix Open (VIDEO)

By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

The best video from the weekend did not come from the Super Bowl, but from the madhouse that is the 16th hole at the Phoenix Open.

It's the one hole in golf that transforms subdued patrons into a frathouse slash mosh pit slash drunken darts crowd. Instead of merely tipping their caps, golfers turn into Ray Lewis and soak up the environment. None more so than James Hahn, who went Gangnam Style after rolling in this birdie putt Sunday.

Even at the 16th at Phoenix, you can tell the announcers are completely taken aback by the dance. Even though the Gangnam Style craze is a thing of the past, you still have to give Hahn credit for going where no golfer has gone before.

If only we had Gangnam Style in the days of Craig Stadler. Only if...