02/04/2013 09:37 am ET Updated Feb 05, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence's Award For Outstanding Performer of the Year: 'She's A Supernova!'

Jennifer Lawrence's star is shining bright like a diamond these days. The Oscar-nominated actress received the Outstanding Performer of the Year award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this weekend, which came with not only great honor, but gushing accolades as well.

The festival's executive director Roger Durling described Lawrence's body of work as "filled with electric energy and vitality," according to IndieWire. He added that "calling Jennifer Lawrence a star is doing her a disservice. She's a supernova!"

“In ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Jennifer Lawrence delivers a fierce, intense, movie-star performance all at the same time,” Durling said. “At this point it seems like there's nothing she can't do."

While discussing her "short but insanely successful career," per Yahoo! Movies, the 22-year-old said, "It's really rare that saying ‘yes’ to something will completely change your life. I was happy with my life. And I always had this imaginary future where I'd be a soccer mom. It just didn't fit with taking on a giant franchise."

But since her life turned out quite differently, she's had to adjust. Lawrence, who is known for her goofball personality off-camera and onstage at award shows, described this past year as "amazing" and added, "I’ve always wanted to direct," according to IndieWire.

Feb. 24 will be another big night for Jen, whose marvelous year may reach its pinnacle at the Academy Awards (she's a leading contender for Best Actress, her second Oscar nod after "Winter's Bone"). Last Friday, JustJared reported the actress will be bringing her parents to the ceremony.



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