02/04/2013 04:40 pm ET Updated Feb 04, 2013

Mark Hasse Murder: Disputes Emerge Over Slain Kaufman County Prosecutor's Behavior

Days after an assistant district attorney was gunned down on his way to work in Texas, friends and colleagues gave starkly different descriptions of the murdered man.

Some said Mark Hasse was nervous, scared and lethally armed at all times. Others said the 57-year-old was a fearless creature of habit.

Those conflicting accounts emerged over the weekend as police searched for the two masked shooters who reportedly fired at Hasse outside the Kaufman County Courthouse on Thursday morning.

Colleen A. Dunbar, identified as a colleague and friend, told CNN that Hasse lived in fear and carried a firearm to and from work each day. She described him as a man on edge and a lifelong gun owner, but said he never explained why he was scared.

"He told me he would use a different exit every day because he was fearful for his life," she told CNN.

CBS News also wrote that Hasse felt threatened and was carrying a gun on the day of his death.

But a Dallas Morning News report on Monday made it unclear what precautions -- if any -- Hasse took to protect himself.

Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland said his co-worker was a "wolverine" who kept a predictable daily routine.

According to the Dallas Morning News:

Mike McLelland said he was disturbed by what he called the “fairy-taling” he’s heard in the days since the slaying — that Hasse was constantly afraid, frequently changed his routine, and didn’t go outside without his pistol in hand.

“Total BS,” McLelland said. “He and I, three-quarters of the time, we went out of the building together in the afternoon. We went out the same door. He was never cowering in any corners, or sneaking around skulking in any shadows. He was not afraid of anybody or anything.”

One day after the incident, police said that there was no indication that Hasse feared he would be murdered. Police would not say if he carried a weapon at the time of his death.

State and federal authorities have bumped the reward for information leading to the killers of Hasse up to $70,000, according to ABC News.

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