02/04/2013 10:39 am ET

Stop Apologizing! Why Are Women So ‘Sorry' All The Time?

Men and women will supposedly both apologize for their wrongdoings, but because we ladies are more prone to "commit personal offenses" (as in, we think we're making everyone mad when we speak up), we're more apt to apologize when we sense we've been the wrongdoer, even if the other person is totally oblivious to our perceived faults. I call bullshit.

A few weeks ago I had plans to meet a friend for coffee when she sent me a last-minute text saying that she couldn't make it. Actually, let me rewind: I received a string of five or six texts pleading for my mercy and salvation if I could just let her off the hook so she could take care of her sick kid. I was already sitting in the café we'd agreed to meet at, flipping through a magazine to pass the time, when the first message chimed from the table: "Ugggggggh."

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