02/03/2013 05:18 pm ET Updated Feb 04, 2013

Sonia Sotomayor Goes By 'Sonia' At D.C. Restaurants, Is Friendly With Neighbors, According To Washington Post

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WASHINGTON -- Supreme Court Justice and bestselling author Sonia Sotomayor goes by "Sonia" when ordering takeout from neighborhood restaurants.

The Washington Post describes this and other details from Sotomayor's life in the neighborhood where the jurist bought a two-bedroom condo for $660,000 over the summer:

Near her sleek U Street area condo building, where prices for units range from $350,000 to a little more than $1 million, the staff at the “green eatery” chicken place knows whom to expect when the name on the take-out order is “Sonia.” At The Greek Spot, the owner says that Sotomayor sometimes swings by on her way home from work for the $9.75 gyro platter.

Other tidbits from the Post's piece paint a down-to-earth picture of life on U Street:

One neighbor describes Sotomayor as fitting into their condo building. "She totally seems to be part of the community," Slav Gatchev told the Post. "Whatever you do around your neighbors, I would do around her.”

Another neighbor, Mikko Makarainen, says that Sotomayor often warns him to be careful on his motorcycle. "“She’s cute,” Makarainen told the Post.

Want to go justice-spotting? Sotomayor may not be thoroughly impressed with D.C.'s restaurant delivery options, but she's got some favorite takeout spots. The Post writes that Sotomayor likes to pick up food from The Greek Spot, Chix and Tacos El Chilango, whose owner, Juan Antonio Santacruz, seems thoroughly enamored. “We love her,” he told the Post.

Reactions on Twitter have been equally enthusiastic:

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