02/05/2013 06:07 pm ET

Archie's First Birthday: Baby Bakes A Cake In Sweet Short Film (VIDEO)

To think we once considered videos of kids singing "Happy Birthday" and trying to blow out candles the height of cuteness! (OK, we still do. But bear with us.)

It turns out baby bakers like Archie Hartley -- the just-turned-1 star of this charming YouTube film -- are just as adorable.

With a gung-ho curiosity matched only by his unfailing (and unselfconscious) lack of precision when it comes to baking, Archie makes a valiant attempt at the full cake-creating process, from cookbook to cleanup. Predictably, there's plenty of mess in between, but we think you'll agree the results -- which the little chef sits down to enjoy with a friend -- are quite remarkable.

Over email, Archie's dad -- London-based filmmaker Dan Hartley -- told HuffPost Parents that he made the film to "capture this special moment in [Archie's] life," explaining: "his mum Hayley wanted the film to be a little time capsule for him."

"I work a lot on big studio films as a crew member but I've been an aspiring director for a dozen years or so and each year I try and make at least one short film," Hartley added.

"I'm personally a bit awkward around my own birthday and so I want to put all my excitement into his and make sure he always gets to celebrate it in style." Which means that yes, a follow-up video pegged to Archie's second birthday is already under discussion. At this rate, Archie may have a bakery of his own by then!



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