02/05/2013 01:50 pm ET Updated Feb 09, 2013

Jorge Perez Shoots Himself In Groin With Flare Gun

This guy has a flare for the painful.

A 23-year-old man in Lehigh Acres, Fla. had to be taken to the hospital after he accidentally shot himself in the groin with a flare gun, WZVN reports.

Jorge Perez forgot the gun was loaded when he shot it into the ground. It ricocheted up into his genitals, causing several burns and lacerations, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

It's unclear when the incident took place, but WZN filed their report on Monday.

Perez can perhaps feel the pain of this man who, last Fourth of July, accidentally shot part of his genitals off with a firework.

And, Perez can likely take comfort in the knowledge that people make headlines for shooting themselves in the crotch fairly regularly. Just last month, a security guard shot his penis off and now likely will face charges for having an unregistered firearm.

So, comparatively, Perez got off easy.

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