02/05/2013 10:28 am ET Updated Feb 05, 2013

NERVO On Social Media: Weighing The Benefits Of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr

If CoverGirl signed DJ and production duo NERVO to fit the brand's "beauty with an edge" motto, they probably hit the mark. But sisters Miriam and Olivia Nervo are hardly just a pretty face. They've provided production for a diverse array of artists, from trance demi-god Armin van Buuren to Ke$ha, with a touch of Kylie MInogue and David Guetta for good measure.

They've performed at dance music's biggest stages, including bacchanals like Miami's Ultra Music Festival and the Groove Cruise. The sisters make deft use of social media as they continue to transition from producers and behind-the-scenes songwriters into full-fledged dance icons. In an exclusive interview with HuffPost Entertainment, they told us how they see all the various elements of fan engagement coming together:

We're going through a healthy obsession with our social media lately, particularly Instagram. Pictures can say so many words in just a few seconds. We love interacting with our fans. Even if they can't be at our gigs they can still share in the craziness via our [social media profiles]. Our fans tell us what they want to hear us play, what they're going to wear to the gig, who they're going to the gigs with. Their excitement is infectious and makes us want to be better for them. #truestory

So, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr? They're all great for different reasons. Instagram is our newfound favorite. We love how it provides us with a snap shot look at our life. It's also great to be able to spy on our friends all around the world and instantly see what they're up to, what they're eating, where they are, who they're hanging with, if it's snowing, if they're on holidays -- it just makes us feels connected. Facebook has the largest amount of interaction for NERVO. It's the go-to place for any information on where our fans can buy our music, tune into our NERVONation radio show, go to our shows, buy tickets, watch videos and more. Twitter is great for following banter between friends. Tumblr is a nice summary of it all.

The only issue we can see with social media is that it takes time away from other things like actually making music. All in all, it hasn't taken over our lives (yet), and we enjoy the interaction with our fans. I only wish we had social media when we were 12 year-old-girls crushing on Leonardo DiCaprio. Maybe then he could have got to know us?

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