02/05/2013 03:13 pm ET

Taco Bell Super Bowl Seniors Say Wild Night In Commercial Came 'Naturally' (VIDEO)

The Baltimore Ravens may be the champions, but another team is grabbing some of the post-Super Bowl spotlight: the seniors in Taco Bell's "Viva Young" commercial.

By now you're familiar with the ad -- a group of seniors ditch their nursing homes for a wild night of dancing, making out in bathroom stalls and getting tattoos before ending the night with loitering at Taco Bell. Two of the octogenerian party animals, played by actors Ernie Misko and Beverly Polcyn, told CNN what it was like to shoot the popular Super Bowl ad.

"We're no stick-in-the-mud people! We're full of life!" Polcyn said with a laugh. (The actress is definitely not afraid to play up her sexy senior persona, shimmying and batting her eyelashes with each anchor's question.)

Just how true to their real lives was the Taco Bell commercial? Watch the video above to hear Misko and Polcyn's answer -- and to find out which scene was the hardest to film.



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