02/06/2013 03:24 pm ET

Coyotes At University Of Chicago: Critters Caught Roaming At Hyde Park Campus (VIDEO)

At an hour where only the most dedicated of students in the midst of all-nighters are on the prowl, two coyotes were spotted roaming the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park early Wednesday.

According to ABC Chicago, a pair of coyotes passed through the Hyde Park campus after passing through both Washington Park and Jackson Park and did not counter many people.

The coyote spotting is the first in some time so far away from the lake in the area, according to DNAinfo Chicago, and comes following another coyote sighting in Chicago's far western suburbs that proved fatal for one family's beloved pet.

Coyote sightings have been on the rise in the Chicago area as of late. A woman who lives on the border of Naperville and Aurora told WGN that, last week, her mini daschund pup was snatched up and killed by coyotes in her yard.

Last month, a group of four coyotes broke the glass door of a suburban Riverside home in their attempt to continue their pursuit of a man's three dogs -- a golden retriever, a beagle and a German shepherd puppy. The coyotes were only spooked away after the dog's owner fired a BB gun at them.

The recent attacks in the area prompted village officials in Wheaton to warn residents that, between February and April, coyote sightings typically increase because its the animals' mating season, Fox Chicago reports. Residents are being urged to keep their pets on a leash while outdoors, to never leave them unattended and to keep their yards well-lit while pets are outdoors.

Pet owners should also make sure coyote attractants outside their home -- such as unsecured garbage or compost -- are removed.

According to the Chicago Tribune, at least an estimated 2,000 urban coyotes call the Chicago area home.