02/07/2013 09:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Israeli Workers Allegedly Paint 'Handicapped' Spot Around Parked Car, Then Tow It Away (VIDEO)

In Israel, a parked car can change spots without moving. This sounds like a riddle, yet isn't.

Security camera footage of a parked car in Tel Aviv shows men, apparently city workers, painting a handicapped spot around a legally parked car on Sunday. Soon after they finish, a tow truck appears, impounds the car and drives off with it.

The footage was recovered by the car's owner, Hila Ben Baruch, who posted the video on her Facebook page Monday evening, along with statement of extreme disbelief.

Commenters on the Facebook post had similar reactions of shock and disgust. "I just don't believe it!" one surprised commenter wrote in Hebrew, according to a HuffPost translation. "I would have sued the Tel Aviv municipality."

Some even said that Ben Baruch was lucky to have the video footage to use as proof. They turned out to be right.

According to Israeli news outlet Haaretz, when Ben Baruch contested the misdeed with city officials, she was accused of lying and told she'd need to pay a fine to retrieve her car. After the footage was reviewed, however, the car was returned and the fine refunded.

"This was indeed a serious error, and schlemielism that is unacceptable to the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality," read a statement issued by the city, translated by Haaretz. (A schlemiel is a Yiddish term for an awkward/clumsy/bungling person.) "We apologize for the distress and will examine our conduct for the future, so that these kinds of things won't happen again."

Deputy Tel Aviv Mayor Asaf Zamir told the Times of Israel it's accepted practice for city workers to change a parking spot while it's occupied, but that workers who do so are expected to flag the car as having originally parked there legally.


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