02/06/2013 07:42 am ET

Naomi Campbell Shows Softer Side On Casting Special For New Modeling Competition 'The Face' (VIDEO)

Before the official premiere next week, Oxygen premiered a casting preview of "The Face." This is another entry in the modeling category of reality shows, but it also features the television debut of Naomi Campbell. The supermodel has become as famous for her diva-like behavior as she has for her beauty.

Right away, though, it became clear that "The Face" was going to show a softer side to Naomi Campbell. Britney is one of the contestants, and her story had Campbell notably tearing up. It was notable because the camera panned in really close to her face when the tears started to flow -- this is a reality show, after all.

"There were a lot of things I’ve seen and experienced that a young child should never, ever have to," Britney said. "And I’ve never had a chance to really have someone believe in my like you guys."

Naomi not only teared up, she got up and gave Britney a hug after her comments, telling her, "You have to believe in yourself."

"The Face" kicks off next Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on Oxygen.

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