02/06/2013 07:01 pm ET

Reasons To Love Los Angeles: 10 Key Factors That Make LA Great (PHOTOS)

This story comes courtesy of LA Weekly.

By Hillel Aron

It's February. It'll be 24 degrees and might snow tonight in New York City as frigid Canadian wind sweeps the East. It's 30 degrees in Boston, Chicago is dropping soon to 14 degrees (sweet Jesus), and even in San Francisco it's 50 degrees and oppressively gray -- naturally. In Los Angeles, it's 73 degrees and it feels like perfect -- the air is silky cool and the sunshine is like a wet kiss.

Some people say Los Angeles has no seasons. They're wrong. We have seasons. We just have perfect effing weather 300 days out of the year. Suck it, rest of the world. The weather is Reason No. 10 to Love Los Angeles and never, ever leave. Here are the nine others:

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Top Reasons To Love LA
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