10/17/2012 07:20 pm ET Updated Feb 07, 2013

Life Purpose: Caroline Myss On How To Be Happy (VIDEO)

Spiritual teacher and author Caroline Myss says we all have an intuitive gut that helps guide our life choices. Whether we choose to listen to our inner voice is up to us. On "Super Soul Sunday," Oprah and Caroline discuss how to tune in to that intuition -- and how it can help you determine your life's purpose.

"It's the voice of your consciousness," says Caroline. "It's the voice you don't want to hear, that never turns off. And when you follow this voice and you push.... It's the part that keeps on moving and turning the wheel of our life. It's also the part that says, 'You've done as much as you could now. This is it. You've done everything you can....' It will guide you."

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