02/08/2013 02:34 pm ET

Justin Bieber's Sex Life: How The Singer Gets Women Into Bed (REPORT)

In case you haven't heard, Justin Bieber is apparently quite the casanova.

Following reports that he cheated on Selena Gomez with Rihanna in 2011, comes word of how the young Romeo snags the ladies.

Gone are the days renting out the entire Staples Center to watch a movie, Star magazine reports that Bieber's seduction strategy now includes cars, booze and romantic views.

“Justin will take a woman for a drive in his flashy car before bringing her back to his massive home in Calabasas,” revealed a woman who claims she was intimate with the singer. “Then he’ll make her a drink from the bar he had built in his bedroom. At his house, he shows off the beautiful view!”

So we have to wonder, which car works better in his pickup plans -- the white Ferarri that costs upward of $200,000, or the ultra-exclusive $100,000 chrome-plated Fisker Karma given to him by his manager for his 18th birthday. As for reports he plies his dates with drinks from his bedroom bar, it's certainly possible that's one of the features of his $6 million Calabassas, Calif., mansion he bought in April 2012. And for that kind of money there better be a pretty sweet view.

Hollywood Life notes that this woman's account of her romantic evening with Bieber sounds similar to reports of when he allegedly brought home 22-year-old aspiring model Milyn “Mimi” Jenson in December.

Back then, RadarOnline reported that Bieber, his pal Lil Twist, and Jenson partied at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, smoking weed and drinking "sizzurp," before Bieber took Jenson back to his mansion, where he allegedly opened up about his love of tattoos, as well as Xanax. Not surprisingly a rep for Bieber has denied Star's report he hooked up with Jenson.

With all these rumors swirling about Bieber's sex life and drug habit, he's sure building some street cred, even if he doesn't really deserve it.



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