02/08/2013 04:16 pm ET

Miranda Lambert Marriage: Country Star Shares 3 Rules For A Happy Relationship

A year and a half after her wedding, Miranda Lambert has some words of wisdom for other married couples.

The singer, who married fellow country star Blake Shelton in May 2011, recently shared with People magazine her three rules for maintaining a happy relationship. Rule number one? Communicate with your partner often.

"If you can't jump on the phone to chat with your significant other, keep up the texting," Lambert said.

Her second rule is to find time to spend with each other, despite your busy schedules: "Make time for him at least once a week."

Finally, Lambert said she is a passionate dog lover and suggested adopting a dog to bring a little "puppy love" into your relationship.

Lambert and Shelton dated for six years before marrying. The couple revealed in October 2012 that they had only spent 150 days together since their wedding.

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