02/08/2013 04:00 am ET

'Project Runway': Contestants Must Design A Dress For Heidi Klum (VIDEO)

This week, the designers were given a task perhaps more intimidating than anything seen on "Project Runway" to date. They were asked to design a dress for Heidi Klum. Ben Mach was already feeling pressure after two back-to-back losses, and the additional stress caused a lot of emotional baggage from his past to come up.

He'd suffered a lot of emotional abuse in a relationship, leaving his sense of self-worth in tatters. "It’s taken a lot for me to build myself back up and to build up my confidence as a person, but to also build up my confidence as a designer," he said.

Unfortunately, the additional emotional turmoil only made his work suffer even more. His dress almost didn't make it to the runway at all, and when it did get there, it wasn't very well received.

"The worst construction I have ever seen," Nina Garcia said of the final product. Luckily, while Ben did find himself in the bottom three again, he managed to avoid elimination. Cindy Marlatt became the third person eliminated from the competition; all from the Dream Team.

See if they can get it together as "Project Runway" continues on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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