02/11/2013 12:04 am ET

Animal Photos Of The Week: Giraffes, Elephants, Baby Sloths And More Pictures

After Winter Storm “Nemo” passed through the Northeast this weekend, snow-bound residents shared these adorable photos of pets in the snow.

Some crazy animal antics took place this week, such as a raccoon that climbed up a crane in Seattle, an amazing video of a cat riding a sheep and the heartbreaking news that the world’s longest cat died.

A number of discoveries took place as well. Scientists may have found a clue to the demise of dinos (and subsequent rise of mammals), and a new study suggests that moles can locate food by smelling in stereo.

In California, a minivan hit an escaped camel. Thankfully, the animal survived and should recover soon. A tragic new figure came out this week, showing that more than 11,000 elephants were killed in Gabon since 2004.

Thankfully, the European Union has officially banned cosmetics testing on animals and microchipping will be required for all dogs in England by 2016.

To keep yourself smiling in the snow, check out the amazing animal photos below.

Awesome Animal Photos Of 2013