02/10/2013 11:38 pm ET

Grammy Reactions: Best Tweets From Women About The Music Awards Show

Sorry LL Cool J, but you're no Amy and Tina. The 2013 Grammy Awards reminded us just how great Poehler and Fey were when they hosted the Golden Globes. But despite missing the Amy-Tina banter, the Grammys delivered.

Some of our favorite moments included:
--Every time LL Cool J mentioned "hashtags."
--Adele's characteristically frazzled acceptance speech in which she thanked "all the girls and all us females doing this, because we work so hard and make it look so easy."
--Jay-Z sipping cognac in the front row.
--Jessica Biel bonding with Beyonce.
--When Lena Dunham cheered on her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff of Fun. Tonight proved that they're truly a power couple.
--Rihanna rocking it during a tribute to Bob Marley.
--Beyonce and Ellen giggling and introducing Justin Timberlake.
--Justin Timberlake. Swoon.
--"The Weight"

We gathered the best reactions from women on Twitter to the 2013 Grammy Awards:

How Women Reacted To The 2013 Grammys