02/10/2013 10:01 pm ET

Marlins' Ticket Line Photo Goes Viral (Which Won't Likely Sell Any More Tickets)

What a difference a year makes.

One year after hosting the nationally broadcast "Opening Night" of the 2012 MLB season and trotting a revamped, star-studded roster out onto their brand new trophy piece ballpark, the Miami Marlins are again representing the worst in baseball to many.

The All-Stars may have been shipped out and their salaries cleared from the payroll, but the public money that went into the ballpark in Little Havana isn't being returned any time soon.

Needless to say, the events have not left fans brimming with enthusiasm.

Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post captured the current state of fan sentiment on Saturday morning with a photo outside the ballpark taken just before single-game tickets went on sale.

This picture climbed the Subreddit for Sports under the headline "The four Marlins fans that showed up for single game tickets..." and was atop the page by Sunday.

While one Reddit commenter did concede that buying tickets online has replaced the ritual of lining up at the ballpark for many, the Marlins were not exactly doing a brisk trade in ticket sales before owner Jeffrey Loria's latest firesale.

Before rating 18th out of 30 clubs during the 2012 season, the Marlins finished in the bottom three for ticket sales in every season dating back to 2005.

For those wondering if fans on hand at the Marlins' stadium on Saturday morning were busy elsewhere at the annual "Winter Warm Up," Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald tweeted another picture lacking fan presence.

"You just keep working every day, one fan at a time," team president David Samson said of the need to win back fans, via