02/11/2013 06:38 pm ET

Charles Barkley Talks Dwight Howard vs. Kobe Bryant (And Marijuana) With Dan Patrick

By Joe Lucia, Awful Announcing

Charles Barkley was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show on Monday morning, and held nothing back (in typical Barkley fashion). After going back and forth for a bit about the Grammys and the favorites in the NBA, things kicked into another gear when the topic of the Lakers came up.

On Dwight Howard's family getting involved with his drama with Kobe Bryant: "family members need to realize that reporters don't care about your opinion unless it's controversial and [...] they should shut the hell up."

On the Howard-Bryant drama: "he should have already told Kobe Bryan to shut the hell up, or Imma kick his ass, because as a man, there's only so many times you can call me out publicly"

On gambling: "I'm retiring from gambling, until next season"

On smoking marijuana: "I'm not a big pot smoker myself. I think I've probably smoked five times in my whole life. It didn't do nothing but make me wanna eat potato chips. You remember that commercial for potatoes saying you can't eat just one? I think anytime you smoke pot, all it do is make you wanna eat a bunch of potato chips"

All in about 15 minutes of work for Charles Barkley. Whenever he does decide to pursue a different career, things are going to be a lot less interesting in the media.