02/11/2013 05:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Danza Did It,' That Failed Kickstarter Art Project About Tony Danza, Won't Die

Something entirely predictable happened this weekend. Danza Did It, a "half-baked," "perplexing," but deeply-covered Kickstarter art project built around the narrative that the actor Tony Danza is our nation's greatest auto-didact, did NOT meet its goal of $2100.

The people may have spoken by firmly clutching their wallets and looking the other way, but that has apparently not fazed creators Louis Crisitello Jr. and Hugo Ball, according to an email the Huffington Post received today from Crisitello Jr.:

The vast amount of media coverage we received was overwhelming and reaffirming. If there is one thing we learned from Danza, it is to never give up. We are forging ahead with "Danza Did It" and promise a public assault of Danza propaganda throughout all major cities.

The email also mentioned a meeting with a "renowned production company," and a screenplay that is being written right now.

The project aimed to do many things (too many, if you ask its critics), chief among them, introduce the phrase "Danza did it" into the popular lexicon, much as the Occupy movement gave us "the 99 percent," and Chandler Bing, this sentence syntax. There is also talk on the Danza Did It Kickstarter page of an event, to-be-planned, called the ExtravaDanza Convention, studies on the life span of internet memes, "original writing, art, and varying forms of media" all Danza-themed, and a "3D podcast" about the fleeting nature of fame.

It's worth noting that Crisitello Jr. and Ball seem as unclear on how much of a joke this is, and how much an earnest artistic statement, as you likely are. In any case, Crisitello Jr. attached an image of the sort the project is designed to implant in our consciousness. Here is a complete version:




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