02/12/2013 09:10 am ET

Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

If you've ever dreamed of running your own whiskey distillery, or if you're just a big fan of the spirit, you should put this age-your-own-whiskey kit on your wish list. When it comes to whiskey, it's all about the aging process, and this kit lets you have complete control over that.

Aging whiskey at home doesn't take years like it does in big distilleries. Since the kit comes with a smaller barrel -- a half gallon -- the aging process is accelerated allowing you to enjoy whiskey aged at your own hands in just a matter of months. After just a few days, the whiskey will begin to age which means you can already begin tasting. And tasting the whiskey throughout the whole process will help you really understand the palatable changes that occur during aging, which in turn could help you appreciate whiskey even more.

Watch the video above for complete whiskey aging instructions by Woodinville Whiskey and check our their site for a kit.

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