02/12/2013 01:13 pm ET

9 House Rules We Weren't Allowed To Break When We Were Kids (PHOTOS)

Long before we were fabulous city dwellers living in well-designed apartments with our interesting roommates (OK, so this may be a stretch), we were living under our parents’ roofs. And although some of us may have had the luxury of having our moms doing our laundry and cooking meals whenever we wanted, we also had to deal with several house rules that were absolutely not allowed to be broken.

Whether it was common ones like "no TV after 10 PM" or a few unconventional mandates, like having to wear a “special” red shirt when eating spaghetti (no we’re not joking -- just ask HuffPost Style editor Ellie Krupnick), our parents had some strict laws of their land. And though they were completely annoying at the time, we think these guides are the reason we turned out pretty, well, okay.

Click through our slideshow to see the nine rules we've rounded up. And definitely let us know in the comments what you weren’t allowed to do in your home when you were a kid.

8 House Rules

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