02/12/2013 06:52 pm ET

'Les Miserables' Wedding Flash Mob Hits The Web -- Again (VIDEO)

If you're searching for a little inspiration for your wedding's entertainment, look no further than "Les Miserables."

On Saturday, a video of wedding guests performing the song "One Day More" from the Broadway musical "Les Miserables," flash mob-style, was posted to YouTube.

According to the video, the wedding took place on January 19. After Matt, the groom, thanked his guests for coming to the wedding, several guests stood up one by one to sing. All of the singers eventually made their way to the front of the room to finish the song, complete with a bit of choreography from the Broadway show and a few relevant props.

Watch the entire performance in the video above.

In December 2012, a video of wedding guests breaking out into a similar flash mob-style performance of the same song hit the web. In fact, "Les Miserables" has been the star of several flash mobs -- check out seven creative performances Fantine would be proud of.

Watch some of the best wedding videos in the slideshow below.

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