02/13/2013 03:26 pm ET

How To Deal With A Less Experienced Boss (VIDEO)

Between layoffs and slow employment growth, starting a new job with a younger boss has become more common for people reentering the workforce. Huffpost Live's Abby Huntsman hosted a discussion on how employees can best cope with working for a younger, less experienced boss.

"I found it embarrassing. It seemed like a reversal of the way things oughta work," said Orrin Onken, an elder law lawyer. "At 55 I didn't have the aggressiveness, I didn't have the driven-ness I had at 35. And my 35-year-old boss still had that. We were not gonna hang out together."

But whether we like it or not, Roy Cohen, a career coach and author of 'The Wall Street Professional's Survival Guide,' said "it's inevitable" that most of us will eventually work for a younger boss if we stay in the workforce long enough.

Watch the entire segment on Huffpost Live.