02/13/2013 03:51 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2013

Interior Designer Trip Haenisch Loves A Comfortable Chair, Hates Themed Rooms (PHOTOS)

Yikes, you may need to hide your collection.

It's not everyday we get to talk with an interior designer whose clients include the likes of Courteney Cox, Cheryl Tiegs and Hank Azaria. But that's not the only reason why we chose to profile Los Angeles-based designer Trip Haenisch.

To be honest, it's his fresh ideas, years of experience and creativity that drew us to Haenisch and naturally, we were so excited to pick his brain about all things home and design.

Haenisch has had acknowledgements in Architectural Digest's 100 list and The Hollywood Reporter's 25 most influential designers in Los Angeles. He has also been featured in Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Vogue, and we're now proud to say Haenisch has a place on HuffPost Home.

Read through out Q&A with the designer and scroll through our slideshow to learn more about his projects.

The Huffington Post: What trends you are tired of seeing?

Trip Haenisch: Theme rooms, especially Moroccan.

HP: What do you anticipate will be the hot trends in the coming months?

TH: Jewel tone colors. Pantone named emerald as the color of 2013 so expect to see splashes of this color everywhere.

HP: Do you have any signature element you like to incorporate in every project?

TH: Part of what clients get when they work with me is a unique space customized to them.

HP: Which design decisions make the biggest impact in a space?

TH: The finishes used on the interior architecture has the greatest impact. The floor color, walls etc. set the entire tone for everything else.

HP: What's the most common misconception about designers?

TH: That there are certain design rules that you always apply. Every space has its own personality and feel with its layout, hence we approach every project with respect to its surroundings, scale and history.

HP: What’s a common mistake that the average homeowner makes in or to their home?

TH: They use too many different materials. For example, they will have 6 different colors of wood and then it just starts looking like a headache.

HP: What's the one furniture item or accessory that no one should have in their home?

TH: A Hummel

HP: What's the one furniture item or accessory that everyone should have in their home?

TH: A comfortable chair.

HP: What house inspired you to be a designer?

TH: Many houses, I was a student of design way before I decided to be a designer.

HP: What’s your own home like?

TH: Collected and fun. I don't like my home to feel like a museum.

HP: Are your friends or family scared to have you over to their homes?

TH: I hope not- I've been in houses that didn't really have incredible things but it felt like a home just the way people live and entertain....Then I've been in homes beautifully decorated but you can feel uncomfortable by the way the owners choose to live. I love going into houses where it feels warm and cozy.

HP: What’s the greatest design lesson your mentor ever taught you?

TH: Less is more. Texture is essential as well as scale.

HP: Why should people care about design?

TH: We are surrounded by design all the time and it's an essential part of life. Designing a home is about giving people spaces to live and allowing them an outlet to express themselves. Home is where you raise your kids, spend time with family, so to have a well-designed space that allows you to do that is important.

Click through our slideshow to see photos of one of Trip's residential projects. And head over to his website to learn more.

Trip Haenisch

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