02/13/2013 11:04 am ET

'Oblivion' Trailer: Tom Cruise Saves The World From SECRETS (VIDEO)

Buried beneath the "Inception" horns and inevitable comparisons to "WALL*E," "Oblivion" has a pretty nifty central mystery: What happened?

The new Tom Cruise film takes place after the apocalypse, when Earth's greatest monuments have become nothing more than burnt-out mausoleums. Cruise stars as the central figure, a WALL*E-type left behind with his partner (Andrea Riseborough) to make sure the drones scanning Earth for bad guys and other things remain online. Things are going well until: mushroom cloud, Melissa Leo with a creepy Southern accent, mysterious girl from Cruise's dreams (Olga Kurylenko), Morgan Freeman with goggles, other humans, "They lied to you; it's time to learn the truth."

So, what happened? Not sure, but mankind's survival depends on whatever Cruise can accomplish. Directed by Joseph Kosinski ("TRON: Legacy"), "Oblivion" is out in theaters on April 19 and it looks like the big, sci-fi extravaganza that 2013 has been sorely lacking thus far. Watch the trailer above.

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