02/13/2013 05:33 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2013

The 82 Best Comedies Currently Streaming On Netflix

As Netflix becomes a spot for television binge-watching, ventures into the world of original content with House of Cards, and prepares to make a lot of people really, really happy by finally bringing back Arrested Development, it can be hard to remember what Netflix was originally there for -- flix for the Net! Right?

The website is constantly adding a ton of new titles that can often slip by unnoticed if they don't make it into your homepage recommendations. Amid the weird knock-off movies and forgettable television that is forever at everyone's fingertips, there is also a pretty good amount of quality comedy on the streaming service.

Here are 82 of the best comedies currently available to stream on Netflix. Try not to watch them all at once. Or do, that doesn't even sound that bad!