02/14/2013 10:59 am ET

Majority Of Voters Would Not Support Geraldo Rivera For Senate: Poll

The results of a new poll might give Geraldo Rivera pause as he decides whether to run for Senate in New Jersey.

The Fox News host recently announced that he is exploring a potential Senate bid. A poll by Monmouth University, released Thursday, found that only 26% of New Jersey voters would vote for Rivera. Meanwhile, almost two-thirds (65 percent) of voters said that they are not likely to vote for Rivera. That includes 51 percent who said that they would not consider voting for Rivera at all.

The results among Republicans were also unpromising. Forty-four percent said they would be somewhat or very likely to vote for Rivera, while 48 percent would be unlikely.

As Monmouth concluded, "New Jersey voters do not seem to be keen on the idea."

Rivera told listeners of his radio show that he was "truly contemplating" running for Senate earlier this month. "There can be a new vitalization of the Republican Party," he said later during an appearance on "Fox and Friends." When asked about leaving his commitments to Fox News and radio, Rivera said that the race is still a year away, which would give him time to "hone" his message.



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