02/15/2013 09:21 am ET Updated Feb 15, 2013

Jane Kaczmarek On 'Breaking Bad'? Actress Sets Record Straight On Set Visit (VIDEO)

Jane Kaczmarek would like the world to know she doesn't have a Twitter account ... and she won't be appearing on "Breaking Bad."

The "Malcolm in the Middle" star appeared on HuffPost Live where she addressed the rumors surrounding photos of her on the set of the AMC drama with her former co-star Bryan Cranston.

"I'm not going to be on the show 'Breaking Bad,'" Kaczmarek said.

Rumors of a "Malcolm in the Middle" reunion on "Breaking Bad" first started popping up in late January 2013, when "Breaking Bad" actor Dean Norris tweeted a photo of the former "Malcolm In the Middle" co-stars together.

What appeared to be Kaczmarek's Twitter account fueled rumors of the actress appearing on "Breaking Bad," but sources told HuffPost TV that Kaczmarek was there doing something for a DVD extra.

But here's what really happened, as Kaczmarek explained on HuffPost Live. The actress' 13-year-old son George is a big "Breaking Bad" fan and for Christmas, Kaczmarek arranged for a set visit with Cranston. "Bryan made George an extra in the show. It was in a Mexican restaurant, so for a 13-year-old kid to be an extra and also to be able to eat Mexican food all day ... But in the next couple of days, I got an email from Bryan saying, 'Nice Twitter.' And I thought, 'What?' and I asked my son George and he didn't know anything about it ..."

Kaczmarek said she found the fake Twitter account and read the tweets supposedly coming from her. She told HuffPost Live she found it "very upsetting" and the account is now suspended.

When asked whether she had ever discussed being on "Breaking Bad," Kaczmarek laughed, and said while on set there was talk of having her pop up in the series' last season, but due to the secretive nature of the final episodes, the set is totally closed.

Kaczmarek also said she Cranston recently reunited with about 300 members the cast and crew of "Malcolm In the Middle" at executive producer Linwood Bloomer's home, a experience she called "marvelous" and "wonderful." "We were kind of tossing around the idea that it would be fun to do something," she said. "I don't know if that would be possible and I don't know if people would even recognize Dewey, who was our little hamster child with those ears ..."

Watch the video below for more on the potential "Malcolm In the Middle" reunion.

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