02/15/2013 07:40 am ET Updated Feb 15, 2013

'Zero Hour' Premiere: Anthony Edwards Channels 'Da Vince Code' With Religious Conspiracy Adventure (VIDEO)

Anthony Edwards returned to network television with the premiere of "Zero Hour," which borrowed ancient religious conspiracies and plenty of action from "The Da Vinci Code." Edwards plays Hank Galliston, the editor for a magazine called Modern Skeptic.

He got pulled into the craziness when his wife purchased a unique clock from a street vendor. Suddenly, she was abducted from the clock shop and Hank and his two favorite reporters were on the chase. They discovered a diamond in the clock that had a map engraved on it. The map took Hank to China, while the reporters headed to Germany to track down the clock maker.

It all traced back to Nazi Germany, when the Church appointed twelve new apostles. There were multiple clocks, multiple apostles and something that was pulled up from the waters in late 1930s Germany that needed to be protected at all costs. Oh, and of course there were all kinds of bad guys who wanted to find them. The ringleader -- at least as it appears now -- is a strange man with white irises seen in a flashback to Nazi Germany as a baby.

What he wants remains a mystery, as is why he still has Hank's wife now that he got the diamond from the clock she'd purchased. But the biggest mystery came at the end of the episode when Hank went into a Nazi submarine frozen in the Arctic tundra. There, he found one of the new apostles, and it was a man who looked identical to him.

The zany action-adventure chaos continues on "Zero Hour" every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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