02/16/2013 12:30 pm ET

Whoopi Goldberg To Katie Couric: Twitter Hostility 'Freaked Me Out,' So I Stopped (VIDEO)

Whoopi Goldberg told Katie Couric on Friday that she has given up Twitter because she found the environment there too hostile.

Goldberg, who has nearly 400,000 followers, hasn't tweeted since January 1st. Appearing on Couric's talk show, she said that Twitter had "freaked me out."

"Just the lack of personal respect," she explained. "I didn't like the way that people were talking to me, and I knew that I couldn't snap on anybody. I don't mind people not liking something I say ... but I don't like personal attacks. If I thought that these were things that people would say to me if they met me, I could do it better."

Goldberg's most famous moment on Twitter was undoubtedly her heated rant about Mitt Romney after Romney called her "sharp-tongued" in his notorious "47 percent" video.