02/17/2013 06:09 pm ET

Can Cell Phones In Prison Help Relieve Stress On The Families Of Criminals? (VIDEO)

Family members of criminals say that when their relatives are sentenced to prison, the entire family serves time. HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill hosted a discussion to explore what resources can help these families deal with their burdens.

For Jeff Brooks, lack of communication during his 16-year prison sentence negatively affected his relationship with his son.

"There are no cell phones in California state prison that are allowed," Brooks said. "There's thousands and thousands of guys who have cell phones just simply to keep contact with their families. And they constantly get caught and they get written up. They get more time."

Some argue that cell phones give prisoners a chance to conduct crime outside, but Brooks disagrees.

"The idea that the department of corrections would want you to believe is that all these guys are all using it for criminality. When the fact of the matter is, all people are trying to do is stay connected with their families."

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