02/18/2013 02:06 pm ET

'Bar Rescue': The Worst Bar Jon Taffer Has Ever Seen (VIDEO)

On "Bar Rescue," Jon Taffer encountered the grossest bar he had ever seen -- and that’s saying a lot. This Austin bar, Headhunters, was full of cockroaches and mold, and the owner didn't seem to care.

“There’s a cockroach in there. That’s unacceptable," Jon observed. “She was gonna serve that to me ... It’s the worst bar I’ve ever seen.” The place was infested with roaches, which the owner claimed was common for Austin establishments.

To make matters worse, he discovered a mold problem on the ceilings. “There’s mold everywhere in these ceilings. This place has never been cleaned. All that is mold growing. It’s not connected to the ceilings -- it’s falling in your drinks. That means your drinking mold,” Jon told the staff.

But despite all the roaches and mold -- the owner didn’t seem too concerned. Even though Jon redid the bar, things quickly fell apart again after he left. The owner hadn't paid several of his employees, and they were looking for work elsewhere.

On Twitter, one viewer said this episode was so crazy he rewatched it -- and he still couldn’t believe the owner.

And Jon employed his fans to re-tweet ... if they agreed bars shouldn't serve bugs to customers.



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