02/18/2013 04:56 am ET Updated Feb 18, 2013

'Revenge': Gunfire On The Open Sea Leads To Someone Paying The Ultimate Price (VIDEO)

We knew trouble was brewing when Nate was seen on the boat with Jack and Amanda last week, but who knew just how dark things would get. This week on "Revenge," the bulk of the action took place on that boat, with Jack and Amanda making a valiant stand against Nate.

Amanda revealed all of Emily's secret revenge plans against the Graysons to Nate, while Jack was listening. It was a subterfuge to try and get the upper hand, and it almost worked. Almost being the operative word, as Jack was shot during their attempted escape. Amanda sent him off on a lifeboat and stayed behind to try and take him out.

Ultimately, she decided to sink the boat in hopes that would stop him. Luckily for both her and Jack, by this point Nolan and Emily were on the water and looking for them. They found Jack in the lifeboat. Nolan headed off to take him to a hospital, while Emily went to help Amanda.

In the end, they took down Nate, but not before he got off one last shot, and one last explosive move that destroyed the boat. Emily found Amanda in the water, only to discover that she had been shot. She died in Emily's arms while Nolan was returning with rescue. It was a major loss for Emily, as Amanda had become like a sister to her.

One thing's for sure. Since it was Conrad Grayson who sent Nate on this murderous mission, Emily is only going to be even more committed to taking him down.

Tune in for more "Revenge," Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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