02/19/2013 06:49 pm ET Updated Feb 20, 2013

Adolf Hitler Runs For Office In India; Frankenstein Also Throws His Hat In The Ring

Another Adolf Hitler is attempting a rise to power -- this time in northeast India, Al Jazeera reports. The man's full given name is Adolf lu Hitler R Marak, and he is running for the 60-member state assembly.

Because of a strange naming custom in the state of Meghalaya, Hitler is one of many bizarre namesakes vying for office on Feb. 23. Joining him on the ballot is Frankenstein Momin, who's "contesting the seat in Mendhipathar," the news outlet writes.

The strange names are not meant to represent ideological beliefs and do not sway voter opinion, locals explained in the article. Many are just humorous gestures in a culture that likes to laugh at itself. Case in point: Two candidates are named Hilarious.

Elaborating on the tradition, the Washington Post explained that parents in Meghalaya often name their children after historical figures -- notorious or not.

"Often they don't know the background of the names. They get attracted to these names for their quest of modernity," history professor Sanjeeb Kakoty told AFP.

Besides, Marak told the Hindustan Times, "What can be done now? My parents chose this name when I was born 54 years ago.”

Even so, a Jewish official in the region has asked him to change his name at some point.

This isn't the first incident in which the name Hitler has sparked controversy in India. In 2006, a Mumbai restaurant called "Hitler's Cross" changed its name after the city's Jewish community raised concerns. And a clothing store in the city of Ahmedabad named "Hitler" was asked to change its title in 2012.

In Brazilian regional politics, candidates sometimes don't even bother with their given names, substituting better-known ones on the ballot to get attention. At least 16 Barack Obamas were up for election last October, CNN reports.



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