02/19/2013 05:50 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2013

Guerlain Chicherit, Rally Driver, Lands World's First 360 Degree Car Backflip In French Alps (VIDEO)

On Feb. 17, a French daredevil reportedly became the first person to land a 360-degree backflip in a car.

According to CBS local affiliate WTVR in Richmond, Va., rally driver Guerlain Chicherit performed the mind-boggling stunt in a custom-made Mini Countryman John Cooper Works SUV.

Chicherit says he spent four years planning the landmark jump.

"When you attempt something nobody has ever achieved before, the stress is really high but the only way is to just try it," Chicherit told British tabloid The Mirror.

TODAY reports that Chicherit performed the stunt in the French Alps. Thousands are said to have gathered in the winter sports haven of Tignes to watch the event, which was sponsored by Monster Energy Drink.

Although car backflips have reportedly been attempted before, WTVR writes that Chicherit was the "first automotively-propelled driver to execute a perfect landing."

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