02/19/2013 02:15 pm ET Updated Sep 17, 2013

Chris Dorner Reward: Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck Says $1 Million 'Should Be Paid Out'

The $1 million reward for deceased cop killer Christopher Dorner will be paid out, if LAPD police chief Charlie Beck has his way.

"It is my desire that the reward money be used," Beck said at a press conference in Los Angeles Tuesday. "It had its desired effect, it should be paid out."

The advertised seven-figure incentive came under scrutiny when reports that a loophole -- the fact that Dorner was not technically captured -- would exempt law enforcement agencies from following through.

"It isn't as easy as me coming out with a big check two days later," Beck said.

A review of contributions from 31 donors in multiple municipalities would require a waiting period until the funds are awarded, Beck said.

"We will meet with individuals involved and ensure that it's fairly and equitably distributed," Beck said. "It's my desire that the reward money be used."

The press conference marked Beck's first public address since the multi-state manhunt for Dorner concluded in a deadly episode at a cabin in Big Bear, Calif.

Questioned about law enforcement's use of flammable tear gas in last week's final operation, Beck defended the tactic as "reasonable escalation of force" to end the pursuit for Dorner.

"They had to take aggressive police action to stop that," Beck said. "They had already lost one deputy and nearly lost another."

The death of a San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputy during that episode brought Dorner's murder count to four people, including two police officers.

Beck noted that a complete review of the Dorner manhunt is ongoing, including the repercussions of Dorner's infamous manifesto on the greater Los Angeles community.

"I don't for a minute discount the effect Dorner's manifesto has had on the reputation of the Los Angeles Police Department," he said. "I do not think it is justified."



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