02/19/2013 10:55 am ET

Spiritual Growth: Gary Zukav On Partnerships Of The Soul (VIDEO)

Are you drawn to someone's personality, or someone's soul? According to spiritual teacher Gary Zukav, there is a difference between the two: personalities are not equal, whereas souls are. In this clip from a recent episode of "Super Soul Sunday," Zukav talks to Oprah about spiritual partnerships -- partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth.

The people in your life may have different characteristics -- some may be stronger, some weaker; some can draw, some can write -- but those inequalities are all characteristics of a personality, Zukav says.

"...When you connect with somebody and you feel equal, that is a soul-to-soul connection," says Zukav. "Personalities are not equal. Equality is understanding that there is nothing and no one in the universe more important than you. And there is nothing and no one in the universe less important. Now here is the thing that equality can teach you: If you don't feel equal, you're going to feel either superior or inferior. And both superiority and inferiority are experiences of parts of the personality that originate in fear."

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