02/20/2013 11:08 am ET

Carron Washington Fed Baby Bleach Because He Thought It Would Help Congestion: Cops

A Florida man allegedly fed his 2-month-old daughter bleach because he thought it could help cure her congestion.

"This would probably be the dumbest decision I ever made in my life, and I regret it 110 percent," 20-year-old Carron Washington told WESH-2 News.

At a press conference Monday, Washington said the girl suffers from chronic breathing difficulties, the Gainesville Sun reported. He said a friend from the College of Central Florida recommended the bleach treatment, saying that she had used it on her own child.

Washington is a pre-med student.

Washington said he had combined less than two ounces of baby formula with less than a capful of bleach.

According to a police report obtained by WESH, the girl's mother, Therese Roberts, called 911 on Sunday after noticing her daughter throwing up a clear substance that smelled like bleach.

Roberts and Washington live in separate units at the same apartment complex in Ocala, according to the Gainesville Sun. When the incident took place, Washington was staying with Roberts to help take care of their child.

The baby was rushed to the hospital, and an employee called police. At the police station, Washington began crying and admitted to feeding the baby bleach, authorities said.

Lt. Billy Wood told WFTV that Washington had initially denied feeding his child bleach, but "after several interviews, the stories changed."

"It wasn't a smart thing to do," Washington's sister told WFTV, "but Carron doesn't know. It's his first baby."

The child is in stable condition at a hospital.

Washington was charged with domestic aggravated child abuse and is being held on $25,000 bond.

According to CF News 13, the baby's mother was granted custody of the girl after a hearing on Tuesday.



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